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"Ingenious..." - The Washington Post

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6:30 pm - 9:30 pm
Drinks, Close-up Magic,
Dinner & a 90-Minute Stage Show

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The Arts Club of Washington
2017 I Street, NW
Washington, DC 20006

Eric Henning at Washington Magic


"Dear Eric,
I wanted to thank you for helping to make the Halloween celebration at the White House such a success. The President and I had a wonderful time, and this year's event was spectacular."
- Mrs. Michelle Obama, Washington, DC

"That was amazing!"
- President Barack Obama, Washington, DC

"We were looking for someone who would appeal to a group of adults who have 'seen it all.' Eric's magic was both gentle and sophisticated. It put a sparkle in everyone's eye and was the perfect way to launch the evening."
- Jonathan Silver, Washington, DC

"It was the perfect balance of entertainment, education, humor and artistry."
- Prof. Jason R. Rudy
Northeast Victorian Studies Association

"Eric performed for me at The National Theatre in Washington, DC. He is a pro and audience pleaser in every respect, and he is supportive of his fellow performers. Class Act. Bravo, Eric!"
- Dr. Donn Murphy, President (ret.)
The National Theatre, Washington, DC

"In addition to your incredible performance abilities, we appreciate your cooperation and sincere desire to create an unforgettable experience for our guests. You certainly met and exceeded our expectations, which is the mark of a true professional."
- 54th Presidential Inaugural Committee

"How'd he DO that!?"
- The Washington Post

Imagine a less frantic time, when people said "How are you?" - and meant it. A time of optimism, when anything was possible.

This is the world of Eric Henning's Old-Fashioned Magic. With unfailing courtesy and elegant style, Eric makes the impossible happen - right before your very eyes, often in your own hands!

With his special brand of interactive magic, every audience steps into a world where THEY can make the magic happen!

Whether for corporate gatherings, community events or private parties, Eric brings experience, elegance and enthusiasm to every event.


"I arranged a holiday dinner for senior executives at an international consulting firm... about 10 executives and their spouses. I was a bit worried because this was a small group of highly intelligent, very skeptical folks. Eric Henning knocked it out of the park. They were all flabbergasted by the magic and laughing at the patter. Almost to a person, they came up to me afterword to gush about the performance. If I could give 6 stars I would. 'That was amazing!'"
- Miguel Buddle , Booz Allen Hamilton

"Please let this be my fair warning to anyone that should they ever get a chance to see you, they are dealing with a WORLD CLASS entertainer! Absolutely incredible!!!"
- Peter S. Gaytan, Executive Director
The American Legion Headquarters, Washington, DC Office

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Image from 2013 Presidential Inaugural ©2013 Richard Nowitz. Used with permission.

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