"The fresh approach you bring to each of your illusions and your engaging personality ...
made for a marvelously entertaining evening." - National Theatre

The Close-up Show
Eric Henning's Magic Up Close ™ is the ultimate interactive ice-breaker for mix and mingle events, especially those in which guests may not know each other well. This is well-suited for a corporate reception, wedding reception, charity fund raiser, cocktail hour, hospitality suite, Bar Mitzvah or Bat Mitzvah. Eric is very effective as a wedding magician, eliminating that awkward period when guests are waiting for the wedding party at the reception venue.

What makes Eric different: Eric can set up a Magic Lounge where people gather, or he can mingle with your guests. Eric does not interrupt intimate conversations or people doing business - the rules of common courtesy apply. It's amazing what he can do right under your nose!

"Eric brought an element to the event which most parties don't have.
His close-up magic impressed every single person at the party
and they continue to tell me how impressed they were even now, days afterwards.
I highly recommend Eric for any party."

-- Robby M., Arlington, VA (House party)

The Parlor Show
When the great old-time magicians weren't on stage, they amazed their friends at parties. That's the exclusive atmosphere Eric creates for VIP events, adult birthdays, client appreciation dinners, anniversaries, wedding rehearsal dinners, retirement parties, and more. For groups of up to 50 people, Eric performs his unique Parlor Magic, done standing up, but in a more conversational style. The Parlor Show is the ideal after-dinner entertainment for small gatherings.

What makes Eric different: Eric blends classical magic with his own new creations and some pieces not seen in a hundred years! His exquisite sleight of hand, amazing magic and wit will enchant your guests!

"Eric - sending along a photo from Saturday night's party, which was a great success.
Thanks again for making the evening so special for my guests...
people are still debating how the hell you managed one feat or another.
The pressure will be on for 2015 (I do these parties every other year).
It's possible I set the bar too high... Happy Almost Halloween -"

-- Diane S. (Dinner party)

The Platform Show
For larger events, Eric does a show which has minimal technical and space requirements, yet plays to groups of 100 to 600 guests. The Platform Show is perfect for your banquet, awards night, conference, seminar, fund raiser, convention or reunion.

What makes Eric different: His show is filled not only with jaw-dropping magic, but also with humor. Think "Johnny Carson" not "comedy club." Eric treats all audience members with the utmost courtesy and respect, and they leave the stage empowered and delighted.

"Absolutely spectacular. Eric involves the audience and had everyone in the room
smiling the entire show. Eric tied in our theme (Magical Year), and nailed it.
We wanted to show our appreciation to our entire store group
and franchise owners during this Christmas Meeting and Awards Banquet.
Everyone was thankful for the laughter and fun from Eric's show! Thank You Eric!"

-- Larry Bullis, Dash In Food Stores Inc., La Plata, MD

More Choices:

Magical Master of Ceremonies - Eric helps plan and execute an evening that will win you compliments for years! With witty introductions, amazing interludes and magical ways to give out prizes and awards, you'll bring him back again and again!

Eric is also an award-winning public speaker, having reached the quarterfinals of the World Championships of Public Speaking (Toastmasters). Certified by the Federal Government as an Expert Speaker, Eric has represented the U.S. overseas. Eric's experience makes him a perfect fit for Financial, Investment, Q & A sessions, Sales and Awards-related events. For details, see his public speaking Web site.

For children and family entertainment needs, click here.

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